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For creative women who want to start a new business or side hustle in 2021

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Sunday 6th January 2021

UK Time - 8pm-9pm

AEDT - 7am-8am

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Do you have an idea or even the inclination to create your own business or side hustle in 2021, but you're not quite sure yet where to start? 

Has 2020 made you realize what is important to you, and now you're feeling ready to reach for the stars and have the dream life you always wanted?

In the "Start Before You're Ready" Webinar I will teach; 

  • The 5 essential pre-planning steps to make your business a great success.

  • The 3 most common mistakes people make when planning and launching their business - and how to avoid those pitfalls! 

It will have you inspired, motivated, and ready to take action! so why wait?  So let's get you on the road to success right NOW!

PS - You don't have to have your idea completely worked out yet to join in on this webinar.  In fact, this should help you with that :) 

Join me this;

Sunday 6th January 2021

8pm-9pm (UK/GMT Timezone)

7am-8am (Sydney/ Melbourne)

Register Here

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