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"Unslumping yourself is not easily done" Dr Seuss

There WILL of course be times where you feel low in life, all the challenges of life will occasionally get on top of you, and that is OK!

Here's 6 tips that can help you unslump yourself when you feel stuck in a rut.


Reach out to a trusted friend, or ask someone you know to coach you. Don’t sit on it for too long. Share what you are dealing with. Once you have spoken up about your feelings, it will more than likely feel like at least some of the weight has lifted. Speak it all out! Don’t leave ANYTHING unsaid. You deserve to take up space, and doing so will be a huge relief. If you leave things unsaid, they may just niggle away at you. Be brave and speak it all out!


Journal your feelings. Write a stream of consciousness and try to get to a point where you can see all the things you have been saying to yourself over and over in your mind. Recognise and allow those feelings. What is the juicy story that your inner chatter box has been saying to you? Let it be. Don’t judge your own thoughts or feelings. The 2nd step, is to then 'get' that it is only a story! You are programmed this way, we all have an inner chatter box that has been developing and helping us ‘survive’ since childhood. It is not who you are! You are the ‘watcher’ of your thoughts, you are not your actual thoughts. So choose to step outside of them, don’t get sucked into your ‘thinking’ mind’s BS!


Meditate and find some quiet time. Ask the ‘divine’/the source/higher wisdom/God (or wherever you may choose to name it) for assistance. Your thinking mind will go on a rampage if you let it. You will need to quiet thE 'beast' whenever possible Dare to sit for as long as you can, be with whatever comes up, allow it, thank ‘it’ for sharing, and don’t judge yourself. Be with it all, and keep quieting your mind, come back to the breath. Witness your thoughts and keep coming back to being present.


Get out in nature - find your sense of AWE. We need to be in a state of awe regularly, we need to find whatever that is for us. For me it is seeing blue seas and white sand. The ocean is always where I can find that peace and sense of wonder. If you can’t go there in person, go there in your mind, at least.


Don’t judge yourself for the past. Blaming of ourselves is so fruitless. The past is gone, it is yesterday. We only have the present. Right now is all that matters, So, who are you being right now? What will you do today that makes a difference to others, or for your life going forward?


Lastly.. Stop focussing on yourself so damn much! Stop comparing yourself to others and expecting things to happen in an instant! Wanting results 'like yesterday'! When you do this you are coming from the ego and not from what is truly ‘meant for you’’ or where you can be of service to others. When things don’t go as you planned or hoped, we can often retreat and feel like we’ve messed up, and feel like ‘it isn’t ‘worth it’! But that is all about US! And not about the difference we are out to make with others. So stop worrying about the process or the outcomes, and keep on doing what is 'correct', in alignment, and that which comes from a quiet detachment, and from a peaceful mind.

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